The Book

Presentation of the book and DVD

     In the book "Charmed Images", Suely Brígido describes her experience in the field among the Karajá Indians living in central Brazil, and presents the results of studies performed during (1994-2010), whose themes are interconnected, giving the reasons of cultural Karajá ritual art.

     The author organized the book in the form of a report of field research, using, when possible, reports of the Indians. This somehow reflects the humanistic style inherited from her teacher, an anthropologist and professor Gleizer Berta Ribeiro.

     As the object of studies highlighted the expressions that have an aesthetic sense of beauty and intention, especially songs during the dance rituals and laments sung by the Indian women, made during the funeral rituals, and drawings of the body that Karajá use, particularly in ritual events. The researcher's stay with the Indians and the long period of specific study on the Karajá, created the possibility of relating the artistic rituals involving other aspects of Indian life, especially to the rites, myths and symbols of their cultural context. The results revealed that the foundations of support for the arts and culture of the Indians and Karajá juxtapose a scientific value to the wisdom of the Indians of Brazil. It is a work of universal interest.

Research material contained in Annex II on DVD

     Annex II (DVD) features recordings made in locco, and all material collected in the field, organized and analyzed during the lab work: recordings the songs of the Ijàso-wi and Ibru, the translation of Karajá lyric text to Portuguese of three tapes containing (21) - Ibru and of (150) of Ijàso-wi; the transcript for the musical score of (134) Ijàso-wi. This annex included also analysis by ultrasonography, performed in (21) Ibru; and (176) drawings of different patterns made by Indian women in sketchbooks (33cm / 23cm) during the field survey.

Work carried out on the Karajá

     In the book "Charmed Images", the researcher highlights the work presented in Musicology Symposium sponsored by the Institut fur hymnologische musikethnologische und Studien in Portugal (1997), published in (Aptatio Yearbook Music / Liber Annuarius 1996-1997. Köln) and presented in Akademie Brazil and Europe and published in the Proceedings of the Brazil-Europe 500 Jahre Kongress - Musik und Visionen - Cologne, Germany (1999), and the final work of Master of Arts in Anthropology (UFRJ), and specialization in philosophy of art (PUC / Rio), and also the study conducted under the auspices of the VITAE Foundation, and presented in conference proceedings and other journals.

Project sponsor and research trip

     The research trip made by Suely Brígido among Karajá Indians in 1994 was part of a larger project coordinated by Dr. Antonio Alexandre Bispo, Professor of the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Kohn, when he served as director of the Institute of Ethnomusicology Maria Laach, which sponsored the studies, with support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany. The aim was to know the issues of music and culture of indigenous peoples. The studies of all invited researchers to conduct field research in Brazil were published in the directory Aptatio Music / Liber Annuarius 1996 / 97, the Institut fur hymnologische musikethnologische und Studien / Maria Laach / Germany.

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