The Author

Book launch "Imagens Encantadas"
Rio de Janeiro, April/2011
     Suely Brígido studied high school at Colegio San Vicente de Paula in Niterói / RJ. Degree in Music Composition and Conducting (1883), Master of Arts in Anthropology (EBAUFRJ-2992-2996), Specialist in Popular Representations EMUFRJ (1984), Post-graduate in Philosophy of Art (PUC-Rio - 2004-2006).

     Her main works are related to the area of indigenous music and popular tradition. She carried out research trips and studies dedicated to the Guarani and Karajá culture. She performed this work under the auspices of CAPES, the VITAE Foundation, RIOARTE Foundation, and through the Institut fur hymnologische musikethnologische und Studien / Germany. The survey conducted among Karajá Indians in 1994, was part of a project devoted to the issues of indigenous music. The studies developed in this project were the initiative of Prof. Dr. Antonio Alexandre Bispo, Professor of the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Cologne, director of the Institute of Ethnomusicology Maria Laach, which sponsored the studies conducted with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany. The studies were all published researchers in publishing Aptatio Music / Liber Annuarius 1996-1997, Maria Laach / Alemanha. Some of her works were presented in national and international conferences (Austria, Portugal, Germany, USA and Brazil), and published in scientific journals and in the annals of congress.

     In the book "Charmed Images," the researcher Suely Brígido presents the results obtained in studies developed during (1994 -2010), whose subjects and expose interconnected cultural foundations of Karajá ritual art (Anthropology of Art, Ethnomusicology, Philosophy of Art, Symbols). Noteworthy are the works presented Musicology Symposium sponsored by the Institut fur hymnologische musikethnologische und Studien in Portugal (1997), later published in (Aptatio Yearbook Music / Liber Annuarius 1996 / 97. Köln) and presented at the Akademie Brazil and Europe and published in Proceedings of the Brazil-Europe Kongress 500 jahre - Musik und Visionen - Cologne, Germany (1999); as well as the final work of Master of Arts in Anthropology (EBAUFRJ); and specialization in Philosophy of Art (PUC / Rio); and also the study conducted under the auspices of the VITAE Foundation, and those presented in other conference proceedings and journals.

     She began her work researching the traditional music of the popular representations. Key records: Feast of the Rosary and May 13, (groups of Congo and Mozambique - Concordia (MG); Feast of the Holy Spirit (Descendants of Azorean) - Engenhoca - Niterói (RJ) - 1984/85; Feast of the Rosary (Groups of Congo and Mozambique and visit to the black community Artúrios) - Contagem (MG) – 1984; Feast of St. Sebastian and St. Anthony – Mateus Leme (MG) - 1984 - (First record of this region Cavalhada); Feast of the Rosary - (Groups of caboclos, catopês and Marujada) - Serro (MG) – 1984; Feast of the Holy Kings - (Groups de Reis, Guerreiros, Bacamarteiros, Batalhão, Parafusos, Chegança, Cacumbi and São Gonçalo) - Laranjeiras (SE) - 1985; Northeastern singing and Cordel Literature - João Pessoa, Campina Grande (PB) and Caruaru (PE) -1985; Cavalhada of The Santo Amaro - Campos (RJ) - 1986. The Boi Bumba - São Luis (MA) - 1986; Instruments and rhythms of African Orishas - Brazilian - Terreiros of Candoblé - Niterói and Rio de Janeiro (RJ) - 1986-1987-1988; The Origin of the Dance of São Gonçalo (RJ), and the captaincy of São Gonçalo Gonçalves- São Gonçalo (RJ) -1998.

     As a composer has written works for various instruments; vocals, chamber orchestra, strings, duos, trios, solo piano, and soundtracks for teledrama. Her main compositions: "Taieira" for string orchestra was a finalist in the Nactional Contest of Composition - UFBA-89, and "Berahatxi Liyy", written for chamber orchestra (three movements), was inspired by the myth of the creation of the cosmos of the Karajá Indians); first hearing at the International Congress Brazil and Europe 500 years - Music and Visions. (1999 6/setembro. Köln - Germany). This work was presented by the youth orchestra of Germany and came to reach the first place in the competition of young musicians from the orchestras of Europe (2000). Currently she is dedicated to the study composition of electronic music. Recent work: The "Oratory 15002000" for voice and electronic effects.

     Suely Brígido a member of the National Academy of Music occupying the chair n. 20. Patron Delgado de Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, on January 2, 1997.

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